Dachshund Reversable Fleece and Cuddle Dot Pet Blanket

Hello Dachshund Puppies!!!                         https://www.etsy.com/listing/506041348/dachshund-reversable-fleece-and-cuddle

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My assistant Fae and I have been busy putting together some Cozy Warm Blankets for our Dachshund Friends. I do know that you love to be warm, comfortable and enjoy the pleasure of a good Nap. Well this is your signature blanket for just such a nap. One side is alpine blizzard fleece and the other side is Cuddle Dot Fabric that is so ridiculously soft that you will find it hard to leave your Napping spot. I made it a generous size of 30 inches by 32 inches, just in case you want to fold it over to burrow in or maybe share a couple of inches with your pet parent. I have stitched them well so that you can rough them up. The Fleece material is anti pill so that Your Blanket won’t get those little nubbins. Your Blanket is Machine Washable so that your Pet Parent can wash without worry. I know you are still thinking about the Warm and Cozy but your Parents want to make sure it will hold up so that you can enjoy it FurEver. I have made 12 blankets and do not have any more of this material available. Please let your Pet Parents know they can email me with any questions.

Enjoy the Day!!!



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