GlowDust Faery Bottle, FaeryMagick, Whismical Spells, Glow In The Dark, Magickal dust, Fairy luminscent Powder

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whimsical & enchanting glowdust faery necklace…
fluttering by with a magickal glow in the dark glass bottle that measures 2ml with a cork..
with a fine green glitter mixture, glow in the dark powder pigment luminscent GREEN…

After the bottle being charged for just minutes in a bright light or the sun it will glow brightly and can be recharged as often as you want! The glow will gradually fade until recharged.

this glow necklace is made to the highest standard with non toxic glow in the dark materials and glitter.
HERBS: Thyme: Faery magick, healing, sleep, love, psychic powers, purification..
Rose buds & petals ; Ultimate Love,,,Rose Hips (1) ; Love, Health, Vitality..
1 SMALL CRYSTAL POINT IN THE MIXTURE , along with a citrine crystal..

CORK HAS BEEN SEALED AND GLUED INTO BOTTLE TO PREVENT ANY SPILLS OR LEAKS.. more details on this handcrafted item @ merriganscrafts on


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