Ultimate inner love goddess set

visit my etsy shop for magical and whimscial handcrafted items with a faery witch flare
the ultimate inner love goddess set is now available…
handcrafted set by a universal faery witch
comes with a APHRODITE necklace spell/herbal vial necklace…. 1. glass bottle with cork. 2. herbs of: allspice, common sage, hibiscus flower, rose buds & petals, rose hips , sea salt… 3. crystal quartz chips & rose quartz chips, blue luster stone…
has charms of : the goddess , sea shell (cowrie ), blue heart, with a tiny love heart and a flower charm too..
this ulitmate collection comes with a love goddess oil (handmade to perfection)…
has love goddess oil blend, baby oil, crystal oil, jasmine herbs, rose buds & petals, rose hips, hibiscus flower .
has a crystal quartz point and one citrine crystal , and some carnelian chips…
As a Goddess of Love, Aphrodite rules over all things of beauty, love, sex, passion, of friendship, compassion and earthly pleasures.
She is playful, affectionate and loving.
also added to this collection is : 4 seashells to offer the love goddess which are symbols of aphrodite and corespond with her..
great to put on any of your altars or outside in your garden too..
one more amazing handcrafted item for this collection is my aphrodite faery glitter
made with fine pink dust, purple faery dust, white shimmer dust, and blue iridesent flakes…
blue irridecent cording measures about : 8 inches long..
with white & pink shimmery swarvoski beads..
only 1 in stock..
a magnificent collection for that inner goddess you want to bring out….blessed be

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