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in a partnership with a business 

called : dragon wolf

with an amazing creative artist

hes a  a traditional and digital artist who specializes in animals and fantasy creatures. I also make custom tattoo designs upon request

Keith Griesel is a young artist, video editor and equestrian. His specialties are animal and tribal works…

my business parnter’s services include

The services I offer are rugs/wall hangings, tails, dreamcatchers, tattoo designs, Reiki (healing and teaching), and guided Dragon readings…

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Hello Dachshund Puppies!!!                         https://www.etsy.com/listing/506041348/dachshund-reversable-fleece-and-cuddle

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My assistant Fae and I have been busy putting together some Cozy Warm Blankets for our Dachshund Friends. I do know that you love to be warm, comfortable and enjoy the pleasure of a good Nap. Well this is your signature blanket for just such a nap. One side is alpine blizzard fleece and the other side is Cuddle Dot Fabric that is so ridiculously soft that you will find it hard to leave your Napping spot. I made it a generous size of 30 inches by 32 inches, just in case you want to fold it over to burrow in or maybe share a couple of inches with your pet parent. I have stitched them well so that you can rough them up. The Fleece material is anti pill so that Your Blanket won’t get those little nubbins. Your Blanket is Machine Washable so that your Pet Parent can wash without worry. I know you are still thinking about the Warm and Cozy but your Parents want to make sure it will hold up so that you can enjoy it FurEver. I have made 12 blankets and do not have any more of this material available. Please let your Pet Parents know they can email me with any questions.

Enjoy the Day!!!


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made with real feathers of: beautiful natural brown & white dots (pheasant), natural white ostrich fluffy feathers, guinea hen purple feathers, peacock feathers natural. and orange crafting feather…
pony beads of: purple,sky blue, orange, yellow…….blue eyes for thee owl… webbing made of blueish sparkling cording and jute tan cording for the pony beads & feathers… wooden rings that measure 5 inches wide , the dream catcher measures : 10 inches wide by 5 inches long excluding the feathers…
handcrafted with magick…
all merriganscrafts items are saged and cleansed before mailed out to customers…. and has healing energy to it….
***FREE GIFT of two crystal quartz points (small)… great for amplifing energy and healing too…

Originally the Dream Catcher was intended in teaching natural wisdom. Made of a ring willow twigs and woven with a web deer sinew and adorned with personal fetishes of natural feathers and one gemstone which symbolized only one creator in the web of life. The feathers would differ between male and female as the women’s feathers would be from the owl, signifying wisdom. The men’s feather would be from the eagle as a sign of courage. The web would be woven in eight directions from the center representing eight legs of the spider. We have also read of some dreamcatchers having seven directions indicating the seven prophecies.
Dream catchers are a fascinating part of the culture of the Native Americans originating from the Ojibwa (Chippewa) Nation who believed that the dreamcatcher would alter a person’s dreams by protecting the sleeper from negative dreams by catching bad dreams inside its web and allowing good dreams to filter through the center hole and descend down the feathers to the dreamer. The slightest movement of the feathers would indicate the passage of another beautiful dream. Bad dreams however were trapped in the web and would be burned off by the morning sun. The parents or grandparents of newborns would weave the dreamcatcher and hang it over the cradle to give the infant peaceful and beautiful dreams. During the Pan-Indian movement of the 1960’s and 1970’s though, the dream catcher started becoming popular in other Native American tribes like the Cherokee, Lakota, and Navajo.

As a traditional arts and crafts of the Native American people, the dream catcher has been part of ancient Native culture for generations. The dreamcatcher however has become a recognized symbol in Native American Jewelry making and has now even been adopted by non-Native American cultures, such as in New Age traditions.

Contemporary Native American dream catchers are still hand-made and are available in an assortment of colors in natural leather, black, medium and light brown, tan, pink, purple, orange, yellow, red and blue. The natural feathers also come in natural colors or dyed in the same colors which have become increasingly popular.                                                                Dream catches crafted today may have four gemstones representing the four directions with no feathers.

merry faery dust meet… 

faery guidance oracle cards for thursday the 9th of 2017…

cards are as followed; change, compassion, simplicity

change : expand your flexibility for change, and you’ll enjoy the vitaly of life ahead.

compassion: by widening your circle of compassion for all nature’s creatures , your spirit will soar…

simplicity: simplifying your life will bring you a sense of clarity and renewal…

may thee faeries bless you always.

twinkling wishes


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Healing with the faeries Oracle card for the night 💗
Card called: VACATION
Meaning; you need a break from routines and stressful situations. The card urges you to take time for yourself so that you can rest and Renew.
The faeries take regular vacations, traveling to distant Fairy Glens. They know and respect the value of a change of scenery…By drawing this card you are strongly counseled
To do the same for yourself.. a vacation doesn’t need to take a lot of time from money. Instead, it means going away from Mundane and concerns and demands.
Even one night at a local hotel, leaving here cell phone at home, can be therapeutic…  


  of a vacation as a investment in yourself and future. All living things need to rest in order to operate at maximum efficiency…

After your vacation, your mood and energy levels will be renewed…
You’ll have better access to creative ideas, and your postive demeanor will attract wonderful new people and opportunities into your life.. do not procrastinate when it comes to taking a vacation…Make definite plans today💜
🌼🌼🌼 Affirmation: I give myself a mission to regularly rest and relax, knowing that by being provided light, I am happier and more productive…


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Medicine animal card of the day💚
Card called: card #42  BAT (REBIRTH)
Meaning: step in the mystery of mesoamerican tribal ritual is the legend of bat..
Akin to the ancient Buddhist belief in reincarnation , in central America.. bat is the symbol of rebirth..the bat has for centuries been treasured medicine of the aztec, Toltec, tolucan, and Mayan people.
but embraces the idea of shamanistic death, the ritual death of the healer is stepped in secrets and highly involved initiation rites…
Shaman death is the symbolic death of the initiate to the old
Ways of life and personal identity…
The initiation that brings the right to heal and to be called shaman is necessarily proceeded by ritual death. Most of these rituals are really hard on the body, mine, and spirits.
In light of today’s standards, it can be very difficult to find a person who can take the abuse and come through it with their balanced intact.
the basic idea of ancient initiation was to break down all the former notions of ” self “that were held by the shaman to be. This couldn’t tell brutal test of physical strength and psychic abilities, and having very emotional button pushed hard.
Tauning and spitting on the initiative was common, and taught him or her to endure the duress with humility and
The final initiation step was to be buried in the earth for one day and to be reborn without the former ego in the morning.
This ritual is very similar to the night of fear practice by natives of turtle Island. In this ritual, the shaman to be is sent to a certain location to dig his or her grave and spend the night in the womb of Mother Earth totally alone, with the mouth of the grave covered by a blanket.
Darkness, and the sounds of animals prowling, quickly confronts the initiate with his or her fears.
As the darkness of the grave has its place and this ritual, so does the cave of the bat. Hanging upside down as a symbol for learning to transpose your former self into newborn being.
This is also the position that baby this and when they enter the world from the womb of woman.
if that has appeared in your cards today, it symbolizes the need for a ritualistic death of some way of life
That no longer suits your growth pattern…
This can mean a time of letting go of old habits, and assuming the position in life that prepares you for rebirth, or
In some cases initation…
And every case, that signals rebirth of some part of yourself for the death of old patterns. If you resist your destiny, it can be long, drawn out, or painful death… The universe is always asking you to grow and become your future, to do so you must die the shaman’s death…
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what are your favorite witchy to do’s on thursday magick?

do you work with herbs,candles,crystals or nature?

would love to know your thoughts and input…

blessed be

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